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It’s that time of year again—no, I’m not talking about March Madness (although it does seem a little mad), no I’m not talking about spring (oh sure, the first day of spring is this week …no one would know it though!) What’s that you are saying? That’s right—you guessed it—it’s time for TEST PREP!!!

I’m not exactly sure what has happened to our country, but if you ask me, trying to solve the complexities of education through testing our kids and using the results to assess them and teachers doesn’t really make sense.  In spite of this horrible time of year, teachers are still teachers first.  They still love kids, still have fun with them, still are thrilled to witness them growing, and they still put their heart and soul into it, working harder than ever before.

I am reminded of this every year at this time.  Even though kids and teachers are stressed—even though it feels as if this “test prep” time isn’t really teaching—even though they get up every day and face it, these great teachers I know remember what matters most—teaching kids, engaging kids, lifting kids up. 

After leaving P.S. 139 in Queens on Friday, I realized how privileged I am to be working with first-rate teachers who work their heart out and stay positive and lift their kids through it all.  Grace brought in quotes on Friday.  She brought in quotes for kids:



And for teachers.  How inspiring.  Thank you, Grace.


This post is dedicated to teachers during this time of year – a time of year where what we do isn’t really teaching, and definitely isn’t why we go into education. Classroom teachers need to trudge forward, so let’s support them.  For the next thirty days on Twitter, I propose that we all do a little #testprepdetox.  That’s right.  Let’s help our teachers get through test prep, and then get rid of it so they can return to the real work of teaching.  Please join me in shouting those noticings of teachers doing the real work of teaching.  Get on Twitter (what? you’re not on? Sign up! The best free professional development ever!) and help me use the next thirty days to remind the world how amazing teachers are.  When you see an example of great teaching, post it on Twitter with the hashtag #testprepdetox – that way we can all recognize and celebrate as many teachers as possible during this stressful non teaching period.

And we can all use a little test prep detox, actually.

Christy & Monique



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  1. I love this idea – test prep detox. I could go on and on about the insanity of test prep insanity – that what really matters is good teaching year round, but we don’t have tests that support that mentality, we have test that throw curve balls and teachers have to teach out of fear. But we know all that! So instead I will say – hooray to you both for focusing on the positive and celebrating the wonderful teachers out there doing there best in the midst of a deplorable situation.


  2. Thanks for this, Anna! Your support means the world. Gooooo #testprepdetox!


  3. Love the counter narrative – inspired me to break open curricular calendar and gear up for biography book clubs, my writing workshop needs a reboot at this time of year – coming off test prep seminars and reading marathons. Let’s get back to keeping it real 🙂 real writing that is

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